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A good fit makes for great comfort and performance

Ring sizing starts at home. After you reserve your Motiv Ring, we’ll mail you a Motiv Ring Sizing Set just before we’re ready to ship rings. Don’t worry, we’ll send more emails about this as we get closer to our ship date.

Still have questions? Here’s what’s next.

Find Your Size

We’ll mail you a sizing set before we start shipping. Use it to find your ring size.

Select Your Size

You’ll then come back to our site or use the app to tell us your ring size and color.

Get Your Ring

We’ll send it out with free priority shipping and you’ll receive your ring in just 2 days.

Motiv ring sizes are a little different than traditional ones, there’s a flat section at the bottom where the heart sensor is. Finger selection is important: index, middle or ring finger usually works best, try variety of sizes on those fingers.

Make sure it fits over the knuckle but still hugs the finger snugly to keep contact all the way around.

Activity, diet and weather affect your finger size throughout the day. Wear your sizing ring for 24 hours, to make sure it fits comfortably, from sleeping to working out.

Visit or the Motiv app, enter the redemption code found inside your sizing set, and select your size and color.

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